Wildflowers of Hopkinton -- Identifier

This identifier helps you look up a flower by its appearance. Click on the cell in this table corresponding to the main color of the flower and the number of petals. The number in parentheses is the number of flowers that match the description. For flowers of more than one color, ignore any stripes or edge color on the petals or close to the center. Don’t worry about getting the color precise—if there is any doubt, the flower is listed in multiple places.

The scheme for determining number of petals is derived from . Only count petals of flowers if they are identical and arranged like spokes on a wheel. If the shapes or distribution varies, use the “irregular” heading. If you can’t see anything that looks like petals use “indistiguishable”. You may need a magnifying glass to see the petals of tiny flowers like those on clovers. If you find a flower with 10 or 12 petals arranged in pairs, look closely because they are likely 5 or 6 deeply-notched petals.